• Amazingly nutritious breakfast and oat milk for the whole family

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Only the best for your family

We provide you with foods that taste great while serving functional health needs. We are the first company to produce Oat Milk Välling in the United States, a milk loved by Swedes through generations and consumed by more than half of all kids there for its iron, calcium and healthy fats.

The Story of Oat Milk Välling

It's the first milk he's ever liked! I'm stoked!

Alison Boden, San Francisco

I really want to recommend Välling to all parents. My 5-year old son has always loved it and still have it for breakfast. This product is not only healthy and tasty, it’s also very easy to prepare!

Sandra Eriksson, Los Angeles

My youngest daughter (2,5 years old) looooves this välling and has it every morning for breakfast. Its such a healthy way to start the day. I also feel good about the fact that there are no preservatives and no additivets in this oat drink. Thank you BlaBla Foods for making our morning routine so quick and easy. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💛💛💛

Caroline Milbrink, Santa Barbara

Smart oats is my favorite kind of porridge for my 22 month old. He think it’s cool that it’s pink and always asks for more

Christine Simard, San Francisco

My 2-year old is an incredibly picky eater -meaning sometimes I don’t know if he gets all the vitamins and nutrients that he needs in a day. But now, I give him Välling before bedtime and it’s so satisfying to know that he goes to bed full and filled with good stuff for his body!

Linda, Orlando