A food schedule that finally makes sense!

Is he skinnier than yesterday? Is he really full or just bored? And exactly when did I become a mum to worry this much?!

As a parent to a skinny little guy, like my Lincoln, I'm always worried he's not getting enough nutrition or the RIGHT nutrition. Did he eat enough times, did he eat enough in actual amount and did he get all the vitamins and proteins he needs? Gah. Parenting is tiering at times.

This is why I'm so, so, soooo happy to finally have found an eating schedule that makes sense for us. He's happy and I'm happy - since I'm 100% sure he's getting enough of everything. The key for us was many meals in the day and simply always giving food until he says "all done". We've had this schedule since he was 8 months and now, at 13 months old it still works like a charm. 

Linc & Snoop

Sharing is caring, here we go:

7 am (or around wake-up time):
1 serving of Välling. He's a hungry guy when he wakes up and to give  a nourishing meal as we're still in PJ's and waking up is a blessing. Simply gives us the type of start in a day we all need.

8 am (up until 9am, whatever work with the schedule):
Breakfast, usually cereal with cashewmilk and some banana

10:30 am:
Snack time! This is usually bits and pieces from last nights dinner (falafel, lentil stew or mixed veggies) or if he's out and about, a veggie squeeze or fruit salad

1 pm:
Lunch: Plates are usually built from ingredients like cooked veggies, peas, tofu, avocado, beans and if anything fails: just add hummus and we're back on!

3 pm:
Snack time

6 pm:
Dinner, build from the same ingredients above. Both come with exceptions of eating out which usually results in a guac and pasta...

8 pm:
Bedtime comes with a bottle of Välling. Lincoln LOVES this time of the day. We get into PJ's, drink his beloved oat-drinks, mama can relax knowing that even if he did not eat as much or as good as he usually does, he's getting the carbs, protein, and vitamins he needs before bedtime. He happily drinks it all as we're reading out goodnight story and then a quick toothbrush and lights out