LAUNCH: Instant Oats on Organic Quinoa, Oat, Chia, Beets, Acai and Coconut supportve of cognitive development and cell renewal. Boost your family!

As a mother, I was thrilled to see my son loving his morning oat cereal every morning from a very young age. Oats is a great source of energy, proteins, iron and fiber. Soon, I started dreaming of a supercharged version of his breakfast with the attitude that if he likes something - try to make the most our of it.

I wanted him to have more healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A meal that truly supported his growth and development. This led me to creating Smart Oats, a breakfast everyone in my family have enjoyed for the last 6 months, and today, we are adding it to our official product portfolioSo much yummy goodness in one bowl - a treat for the entire family!

Smart Oats is good for you, your fam and the environment. It’s delightfully creamy, naturally pink, and supports cognitive development for kids and cell renewal for adults with whole “superfood” ingredients like*

  • oats

  • coconut milk

  • chia seeds

  • beets

  • acai berries

The creamy texture and fun color is part of the trick - kids love it. Adults love Smart Oats for its protein, healthy fats, antioxidants and minerals, all in one serving.

A meal that everyone in the family can eat, prepared by simply poring hot water over it - Breakfast have never been this easy #lifehack

Let us know how you like it, and don’t forget to share your smart moments with us on Instagram @blablafoods