Our Oat Milk Välling needs shaking to blend: No gums or sugars added to help you!

Our OatMilk Välling is all natural, why It need rigorous shaking to blend smoothly since its real foods and ingredients that are free of dextrose, sugar and salt.

To get technical for a minute: If you wet a random non-soluble powder, the water will have to wash away the first layer before it reaches the second layer, so it is hard to make the suspension without vigorous stirring/shaking.

There are some special molecules which absorb water & swell. When you wet them, the water gets absorbed by the first layer. This changes the viscosity of the layer, making it thick and clingy. This forms a clump. In the core are the dry layers of powder. This happens with starchy powders like oats, flour, or also real cocoa powder. 

An example on how the food industry makes us believe that real foods can easily be blended is cocoa. In fact, cocoa is very hard to dissolve, which means you are drinking a cocoa flavored drink: it's a mixture of dextrose, cocoa powder, and other things (but mostly dextrose). So, no clumps, but an instantly homogenous drink.

We keep on working on ways to make our very real OatMilk Välling even easier for you to solve in water, but will never include sugar and dextrose to achieve this. We put healthy food first - and on the good side, you might get a little bartender workout from the shaking :) 

PS. Not a fan of the shaking? Use the mixer! And while you are at it, make sure to try this Friday Treat!