Välling 2.0 : Smoother, creamier, healthier!

We love out Välling but will always keep asking ourselves - can it be even better? Can we push the envelope with this first product we launched to make plant-based nutrition for little humans tastier and yummier? It turns out - it could!! We are proud to launch Välling 2.0. Let me tell you a few things about our improved recipe.

Välling in a masonjar.png
    Through treating the oats in a new way, we manage to keep the nutrition levels, minerals, fibers and vitamins while making the sweet undertones of oats take the main floor. This means, the actual natural sugar in Välling is not more than 2g per 8oz serving, while the taste is smooth and sweet.

    Välling 2.0 have pea protein added to the mix to help create a beautiful frothy texture and give brain and cell development a boost

    Through adding coconut milk this drink supplies kids with healthy and important fats. Together with the oats, the drink is composed to be a calming, filling, nourishing drink.

All orders coming in from Friday March 1 will be shipped our new and improved formula. Please keep us posted on your feedback, and please share your experience with us on Instagram

Thank you again for supporting our journey. We are so excited to be sharing it with you!! /Louise